Tenant & Buyer Representation

Oxford has forged a formidable reputation in tenant representation and corporate real estate advisory. We excel in creative problem-solving, intricate transaction structuring, and relationship building. Combined with our sophisticated analytical capabilities, these exemplify our expertise in tenant representation.

As a result, Oxford has fostered substantial relationships with both public and private entities across the region and the country, solidifying our position in the tenant representation domain.

Catering to a diverse clientele encompassing Fortune 500 corporations, non-profit institutions, and emerging growth companies, Oxford specializes in aligning its clients’ real estate needs with strategic business, financial, and operational goals.

Our tenant representation services are a crucial link between businesses and real estate solutions.

Our experts can handle relocations, consolidations, subleases, acquisitions, and dispositions, all with a prime focus on empowering you, the tenant, in your real estate decisions.

Retail Tenant Representation

Oxford’s Retail Tenant Representation is a niche where we provide expert guidance and strategic insight to both local and national retailers. The linchpin of our success lies in the deep understanding of your unique requirements, ranging from immediate goals to long-term aspirations.

This comprehensive view extends to the intricacies of the retailer’s business, encompassing store merchandising, design, advertising objectives, and, crucially, the targeted customer base.

Oxford’s services in retail tenant representation encompass a wide spectrum of strategic interventions, including:

  • Lease Acquisition and Disposition
  • Market Analysis and Feasibility
  • Renegotiation of the Existing Lease Obligations
  • Strategic Site Selection
  • Transaction Negotiation
  • Financial Analysis
  • Demographic and Mapping Services
  • Build-Out and Post Occupancy Services

These services collectively underscore our dedication to optimal tenant representation, ensuring a seamless and successful journey for retailers in the Pittsburgh region and beyond.


  • Current Situation and Business Plan Analysis
  • Space Planning/Programming
  • Market Analysis and Alternatives Identification
  • Strategic Site Selection
  • Municipal Incentives Identification and Negotiation
  • Comparative Property, Infrastructure, And Financial Analysis
  • Transaction Negotiation
  • Build-Out and Post-Occupancy Services